Made in seven days for the 2021 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge!


Arrow keys or vi keys (H/J/K/L/Y/U/B/N) - Movement

Space or Z - Wait

1-5 - Cast spell

Backspace - Cancel spell cast

F - Fullscreen


Code and design by Matt Kimball

Tiles by Aleksandr Makarov

Font by Jack Oatley

Sounds by Gruber

Built with Phaser using Typescript, MRPAS and Prando

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMatt Kimball
GenreRole Playing
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, Roguelike


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i like assigning spells to each number. could use an attack animation but this is a nice game all around

I agree an attack animation would be nice. I might be able to do that in the post-7DRL update after judging is over.

Hi Matt KimBall! I was wondering if we could get in touch, I am interested in adding Demonic depths to my website! I have discord and Twitter if you interested in getting in touch! Thanks anyways!

I’d like to understand more about what your web site is doing first. I don’t see discord / twitter links in your profile. If you’d like to discuss further, you can email me at ‘matt dot kimball at gmail dot com’

Sure! No problem! I sent you an email with my Discord!

Cool game! Never managed to get past the 10th level :(

I think Pulsewave and Haste might be bugged? Not that I see them necessarily helping me do better :D


Thanks for checking out the game!

I like this game very much! I'm actually a big fan of Roguelike style games but I'm not a hardcore audience though. 

This game reminded me of my favorite Gameboy Cave Noire! So cool!

I hope that after Jam you will continue to develop this game! Good luck!

Thanks for checking it out, and for the kind words.

If there is enough interest, I will continue to improve the game.