When the Rat King's agents stole the Gift of Fire, it caused a war that has lasted years. In the first few months, hundreds of lives were lost on both sides of the conflict, but when Winter came, it was the animals on the surface that perished in the thousands, while the Underground Kingdom flourished.

Since then, each passing Winter has been colder than the last, and the war rages on. The Empire on the surface is slowly weakening without the Gift of Fire, and there seems to be no hope for their survival.

But not everyone in the Underground Kingdom sees their suffering and rejoices. One soldier tries to set things right, to how they were meant to be...


Aimainiac - Combat system design, programming
🐉FossilGarden🐉 - Concept art, 2D art
Jaco van Hemert - Narrative design, game writing
Jaime Alonso - Music
Javonni Ford (Dusk) - Character models
Matt Kimball - Programming, project management
Pasha Pichugin - Music
Rubikow - Level design, environmental models, programming


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Very cool, this was fun. Runs very smoothly and has good-looking art too.

nice ,mysterious atmosphere, enjoyed playing